For all intents and purposes, on the outside, Mary Kay was happy, warm and kind. She seemed to have it all -- a fantastic career, a loving marriage, lots of friends, family and fans. She possessed incredible talent, and stunning beauty -- both inside and out. But all that was still not enough to save her from what must have been unbearable pain.

Like Mary Kay, I was also born in 1961. She on June 5th, and myself two weeks earlier ... so we also shared the same birthsign of Gemini. We also unfortunately shared something else ... anxiety. From what I have read about her, heard at her memorial, and from what I gleened from a few e-mails she and I exchanged in October 1999, I feel like we probably had a lot more in common, as if she was an old high school pal. I feel absolutely heartsick by her death. She was still so young, the same age as me, and I know I have a lot of living left to do ... although my anxieties try to tell me otherwise most of the time.

Whatever fears were haunting her, whatever her reasons for her actions during her final moments on this earth, remember she was only human -- and nobody really has a right to judge her.

So, instead of focusing on the tragedy, I hope we will all relish the numerous hours of entertainment and joy Mary Kay has given us ...

Please read An Open Letter to All, written by Mary Kay's husband, whose eloquence explains this better than I can.

I was also very moved by Dino Andrade's beautiful entry, that appeared briefly in the memorial guestbook at Mary Kay's old official site ... check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Mary Kay, I hope you are in a better place, that beautiful smile gracing your lips. Thanks again for doing the interview, when you obviously had other more important things to deal with ... and thank you for those few, sweet e-mails, which I will always treasure. You are missed.

Doreen Mulman, North Hollywood, CA.

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