M A R Y   K A Y   B E R G M A N   A S   D A P H N E   B L A K E

Click for Larger Image One of MKB's final roles was Daphne in SCOOBY-DOO AND THE ALIEN INVADERS.   The DVD version has an interview with Mary Kay in the supplemental section!   There's also an "in loving memory ... " line in the end credits of both the DVD and the VHS versions.   Released (11 months after Mary Kay's death) on October 3, 2000, Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders made its television debut after less than two months on video. Buy a copy here, I'll donate my proceeds to The Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Project.


Zombie Island's Daphne Blake



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daphne01_mp3.wav (28 Kb)
"You know, the real reason I changed jobs was because the monsters and ghosts always turned out to be bad guys in a mask."

daphne02_mp3.wav (18 Kb)
Daphne: "I need a real, live ghost."
Velma: "That's an oxymoron, Daph."

daphne03_mp3.wav (17 Kb)
"Sounds like a perfect place to get some good, spooky footage."

daphne04_mp3.wav (15 Kb)
"Wow... there's our haunted house."

daphne05_mp3.wav (09 Kb)
"I'm Daphne Blake... of 'Coast to Coast'."

daphne06_mp3.wav (46 Kb)
"Here we are in Ms. Simone Lenoir's kitchen, where we've had our first encounter with the supernatural spirits of Moonscar Mansion. You can feel the chill in the air."

daphne07_mp3.wav (29 Kb)
"A real pirate ghost? Fabulous! I can't thank you enough for opening your haunted house to us, Simone!"

daphne08_mp3.wav (20 Kb)
Daphne: "I think we should split up."
Fred: "Good idea."
Daphne: "I'll go with Beau."
Fred: "Bad idea."

daphne09_mp3.wav (33 Kb)
Daphne: "You know, Fred... with all the zombies and cat-creatures gone, this is a pretty romantic spot."
Fred: "Yeah."

Velma .... B.J. Ward.
Fred Jones .... Frank Welker.

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