Cover scan provided by "Dr. Spengler."

"Slimer! And
The Real Ghostbusters"

The Real Ghostbusters 3-D
Slimer Special

July 1993

Cover: unknown

"Slimer's Unbirthday"
W: John Carnell  |  Ar: Phil Elliott, Bambos  |  L: Phil Elliott  |  C: Stuart Place
Slimer's in the dumps, and Egon thinks he knows why!

"It's Slimer!"
W: Bambos  |  Ar: Bambos  |  L: Bambos  |  C: Hel
A one-page tale featuring the spud making breakfast, with painful results.

"Cooking With Slimer"
W: Shannon McCutcheon  |  P: Jerry Salinas  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Caren Skibell  |  3-D: Bob Staake
Luigi needs help in the kitchen, but the only one available is a little green eating machine!

"Singing The Slime Blues"
W: Larry Parr  |  P: Mark Braun  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Caren Skibell  |  3-D: Bob Staake
Chilly has a chance at a big singing job -- but now she's lost her voice! Can Slimer find it in time?

Letters To The Editor
From Paul Rudoff, creator of Spook Central:

To NOW Comics:
I love your REAL GHOSTBUSTERS comics. I have a lot of your SLIMERs and a lot of your REAL GHOSTBUSTERS comics, but I am missing quite a few. Could you send me a list of all the GHOSTBUSTER-related comics books you make, because I want to collect them. I have a lot of the original SLIMER comics and a lot of the original GHOSTBUSTERS comics, but that's about all. Keep up the good work!
       Yours truly,
       Paul Rudoff
       East Rockaway, NY

Dear Paul:
I'm sure a lot of other readers would like to know exactly what issues are available. Thanks for the request, and here's a list (as of May 1993):

SLIMER #1-19
SLIMER Trade Paperback
RGB, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-28
RGB, Vol. 2, Nos. 0-4
RGB 1992 Annual
RGB 1993 Annual
RGB 3-D Slimer Special

(letter response written by Joan M. Weis, editor)

NOTE: RGB "Vol. 2, No. 0" is better known as "Vol. 2, Spectacular 3-D Special."