"Slimer! And
The Real Ghostbusters"

No. 18

October 1990

Cover: Mark Braun,
Jim Brozman

"A Bird In The Slime"
W: Larry Parr  |  P: Mark Braun  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Caren Skibell  |  C: Caren Skibell
Slimer wants to help a baby bird get home -- provided the spud survives the journey!

"Surgical Spirit"
W: Nancy Hazel  |  Ar: Brian Williamson, Tim Perkins  |  L: Glib  |  C: Stuart Place
Peter and Winston scrub up and face off against a hospital haunter!

"Too Many Ghostbusters"
W: unknown  |  P: unknown  |  In: Unknown  |  L: unknown  |  C: unknown
The 'Busters take on a haunted house... So where are the ghosts?

"Ghost Boaster"
W: John Carnell  |  Ar: Anthony Larcombe  |  L: Hel  |  C: Stuart Place
Janine's alone with a ghost who makes a big claim -- that's he's killed the Ghostbusters!