"Slimer! And
The Real Ghostbusters"

No. 17

September 1990

Cover: Joseph Allen,
Patrick Williams

"Slimer Takes The Cake"
W: Nicole Crain, Katherine Llewellyn  |  P: Joseph Allen  |  In: Patrick Williams  |  L: Patrick Williams  |  C: Joseph Allen
Manx has stolen Fred's birthday cake, and if Slimer doesn't get it back, he'll take the blame!

"All That Glitters Is Slime"
W: Larry Parr  |  P: Mark Braun  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Patrick Williams  |  C: Joseph Allen
Dweeb has found a formula form making gold! He only needs one ingredient: Slimer!

"Janine's Knight In Shining Armour [sic]"
W: John Carnell  |  Ar: Brian Williamson, Martin Griffiths  |  L: Glib  |  C: Stuart Place
Can Egon save Janine from a dragon? In her dreams!

W: Graham Watson  |  Ar: Brian Williamson, Tim Perkins  |  L: Peter Knight  |  C: Stuart Place
Oily spooks are attacking the oil fields of Texas! Can the GBs grease 'em?

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