"Slimer! And
The Real Ghostbusters"

No. 14

June 1990

Cover: unknown

"Art For Slimer's Sake"
W: Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy  |  P: Gordon Morrison  |  In: Tammy Daniel  |  L: Joseph Allen  |  C: Kent Smith
It's art-lovers vs. Dweeb when Slimer hides out in a museum!

"Trans-Mutant Terror"
W: John Carnell  |  Ar: Andy Wildman  |  L: Glib  |  Cl: Stuart Place
Toys are going ballistic and the Ghostbusters have to find the source of the possession!

"Haunted Melodies"
W: Sue Flaxman  |  Ar: Kev Hopgood, Dave Hine  |  L: Hel  |  Cl: Stuart Place
Janine finally gets Egon on a date, and she's not going to let anything ruin it -- not even a ghost!