"The Real Ghostbusters
-- As Seen On TV!"

Vol. 2, No. 3

January 1992

Cover: unknown

"Tobin And The Maze Of Time, Part Four"
W: Shannon McCutcheon, Barry Petersen  |  P: Neil Grahame  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Joseph Allen  |  C: Suzanne Dechnik, Kelly Kinsey, Holly Sanfelippo
Reunited, the guys must find Tobin and his enemy, Evil -- whose hiding in a familiar place! (Part 4 of 5)

"Hide And Squeak!"
W: unknown  |  Ar: unknown  |  L: unknown  |  C: unknown
Slimer must bust a ghost-mouse before the spud gets blamed for everything!

Letters To The Editor
From Dennis Carter Jr., a known internet Ghosthead:

Dear NOW Comics:
I am a big collector of your REAL GHOSTBUSTERS comics, which I have a great deal of. However, I am missing some back issues from the old GHOSTBUSTERS series such as #s 1, 2, 13, and #1 of the three-part mini-series of the GHOSTBUSTERS II movie. I have searched at many comic stores and conventions for these, but all of them either have the ones I already have or don't carry GHOSTBUSTERS comics at all. I was wondering if there is a way I can order these from your company plus SLIMER! comics also. Thank you very much for your time.
       Dennis Carter, Jr.
       Lindenhurst, NY
P.S. I got the first issue of the new GHOSTBUSTERS comics, and it's really great. Keep up the good work.

Dear Dennis:
I'm sorry, but at this time, the SLIMER! AND THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS and the TERMINATOR: THE BURNING EARTH trade paperbacks are the only back issues available. Keep trying the comic shops and conventions.

(letter response written by Joan M. Weis, editor)