"The Real Ghostbusters
-- As Seen On TV!"

1993 Annual (aka 3-D Annual)

December 1992

Cover: Norm Dwyer, John
Stangeland, Suzanne Dechnik

"Trick Or Treat Or Defeat"
W: Patrick Williams  |  P: Patrick Williams  |  In: Tim Estiloz  |  L: Andrea Albert  |  C: Staff
Samhain is back again, and this time his focus is on the children of the world!

"Pandora's Box"
W: Barry Petersen  |  P: Neil Grahame  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Andrea Albert  |  3-D: Bob Staake
Returning from the job at the Pentagon with a dangerous piece of technology, Egon opens a door to another world -- one the guys have been to before!