"The Real Ghostbusters
-- As Seen On TV!"

Spectacular 3-D Special
(aka Vol. 2, No. 0)

October 1991

Cover: John Stangeland

"The Rise And Fall Of Ghostbusting"
W: Barry Petersen  |  P: Norm Dwyer  |  In: John Stangeland  |  L: Patrick Williams  |  3-D Conversion: Bob Staake, Apartment 3-D
The Ghostbusters encounter a rollercoaster called the Screamer -- and the reason it's so aptly named!

"Nobody's Slimer"
W: Andrew Brenner  |  Ar: Brian Williamson, Phil Elliott  |  L: Nick Abadzis  |  C: Stuart Place
Slimer runs away from home, Slimer decides to play "baby" to get food!

"Tobin And The Maze Of Time"
W: Shannon McCutcheon, Barry Petersen  |  P: Neil Grahame  |  In: Jim Brozman  |  L: Caren Skibell  |  C: Suzanne Dechnik, Kelly Kinsey, Holly Sanfelippo
The 'Busters must save the author of Tobin's Spirit Guide before a time-traveling spook destroys him! (Part 1 of 5)

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