"The Real Ghostbusters"

Vol. 1, No. 21

May 1990

Cover: unknown

W: John Carnell  |  Ar: Andy Lanning, Stephen Baskerville  |  L: Hel  |  C: Louise Cassell
Egon builds a robo-buster, but a ghost has other plans for the 'bot!

"The Spooked Suit!"
W: Phil Elliott  |  Ar: Phil Elliott  |  L: Phil Elliott  |  C: Dondie Cox
The 'Busters investigate an unusual possession -- a suit!

"Neanderthal Nightmare!"
W: Andrew Brenner  |  Ar: Anthony Williams, Cam Smith  |  L: Hel  |  C: Dondie Cox
A ghostly caveman seems to have a rather unnatural attraction to Ecto-1!

Fun Facts

Letters To The Editor
From Phil Capps, the author of this guide:

Dear NOW & Co.,
Good job, guys! The story was well re-told, the guys looked great, including your renditions of Dana and Louis. However (enough of this compliment jazz!), there were a few things that could have been better. You nearly eliminated the "Louis the Ghostbuster" angle. The only piece that was left was Louis getting on a bus driven by Slimer (by the way, how'd the Spud get a license?) And what's with this Cousin Sherman guy? He wasn't in the movie, and why does he look exactly like Louis? Were their parents twins? All in all, it was good stuff. And I'm glad you dumped the make-out scene with Louis and Janine (but it raises an interesting psychiatric question: does Janine have a glasses fetish?) Anyway, keep up the good work, and the slime flowin'.
       Ghostly yours,
       Phil Capps
       Jefferson City, MO