"The Real Ghostbusters"

Vol. 1, No. 9

May 1989

Cover: Gary Fields

"The Father-Thing Trilogy Part One: Rising Son"
W: James Van Hise  |  P: John Tobias  |  In: Rich Rankin  |  L: Dan McKinnon  |  C: Barry Petersen
The 'Busters rescue Shannon Phillips from a demonic sacrifice, but they soon learn of the boy's frightening heritage! (Part 1 of 3)

Fun Facts

Letters To The Editor
From Nora Salisbury, co-creator of the Ghostbusters Fan Forum:

Dear NOW Comics,
My heartiest compliments on THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS comic. I am a Ghostbusters fan who prefers the characterization in the cartoon over the ones in the movie. Naturally, the recent mutations the series has undergone have left me wishing I could get my hands on the responsible party. But NOW Comics has come to the rescue. Your comic shows that things like continuity, intelligence, and humor still mean a great deal to somebody. And believe me, it still means a great deal to us, the fans. Myself and several others here, (and on the East Coast, too) are trying to start an official Ghostbusters fan club, and we all feel the same.

One particular issue came to heart ... #5. I have always been a werewolf enthusiast, but no interpretation coincided with my beliefs on Lycanthropy.

Jim Van Hise was so on the mark with my theories, it was almost as if he had written it for me. John Tobias, Brian Thomas, and Rich Powers, take a bow for the perfect blend of woman and wolf. I found myself envying Irena and her family inheritance.

All I can say is thank you for bringing that story to me, and don't ever stop putting out THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS. You may not think many adults care if the quality of a "kid's comic" is maintained at their level of standards, but there are a lot of us, but we're just not organized ... yet. My appreciation and admiration.
       Nora Salisbury
       12538 Oxnard ST #5
       N. Hollywood, CA

Your comments about REAL GHOSTBUSTERS are most welcome. We feel that it is a comic which both kids and adults can appreciate. We salute those comic book stores which recognize this and who display the comic with both the children's books and the regular comic titles. The werewolf story in issue #5 is one which I have been wanting to tell for a long time.

(letter response written by James Van Hise)