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Tress MacNeille sings the majority of the female vocals on the "Weird" Al Yankovic song Pretty Fly For A Rabbi, but Mary Kay Bergman contributed to the hit parody, as well.

Listen to Pretty Fly For A Rabbi by clicking here.
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Below is what "Weird" Al had to say about Mary Kay's role in the making of the song:

"Originally I had Mary Kay come in to sing the whole song. I basically wanted her to do the voice of Kyle’s mom from South Park. Her agent wouldn’t let her do it (thinking that it might get her in trouble with Comedy Central) -- so Mary Kay wound up doing kind of a squeaky voice instead. Later, I decided that the "squeaky voice" thing really wasn’t what I was looking for, so I called in my old friend, Tress, to do her Fran Drescher impersonation instead. The part that you can still hear Mary Kay on is the line in the middle of the song where she does the very Gentile-sounding "for a Rab-bi ..." Mary Kay was an incredibly sweet, talented, funny, wonderful woman, and we all miss her very, very much."

-- "Weird" Al Yankovic

Excerpt From "Ask Al"
Q&As - February 2000.

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