2nd Audition - Knight Security - April 21 1987
for Sound Vendors John Barton
from Kathy Levin Voicecasters

I knew a bit from what Kat told me - not really accurate, though: (30-ish woman, just been broken into - distraught - realistic - they don't want an "announcer" The last part was correct, it was a "testimonial."

I arrived early - 9:25 am for my 10:00 am audition. I arrived first. Classmates trickled in after. I felt better knowing somebody. I chatted some with Larry & a lot with Pam, the receptionist. She was nice. I skimmed a couple of mags, too, briefly - before I left my car I did the relaxation exercises in the word o mouth book, & turned it over.

Then it was time to go in cause I was 1st woman & Scott Shurian 1st man. Then, we went down the hall into the studio, got copy & practiced it a few times while engineer miked us - but it was meant to be 3-person spot, so Todd McLaren was called in. He played the hubby, I the wife, & Scott was announcing. All capably, I think.

The spot was hubby & wife's testimonial about Knight Security System. Affordability and safety stressed. I felt it was very real. The direction we got (after take 1) was "surprisingly, you have some time to spare - you can act it more - take your time with it." I ad-libbed "Thank God!" & maybe some other little line. I felt I had done capably. It made sense - (the ad-lib) & it felt realistic.

My legs were shaking at first - pre-run-thru - then thank God (to coin a phrase) I was not aware of that. I guess that's called concentration!?!

Also, I used my hands - some body language - (esp. during "Thank God - I feel better knowing Knight Security is there when we can't be," I had my hand to my breast - thinking of other concerned TV mom - June Allyson.) I probably could have imagined more. Ex: thinking hubby's arms are around me as we give our thoughts to the interviewer - who was it we were telling - a friend of family? My mom - his mom? etc ... (an interviewer on TV? That's what it seemed to be.)

On the whole, though - I felt my voice was "old enuf" & that it was a fine read.

As we left, we were asked to write our phone #s & names in a book. As we thanked Mr. Barton & then next man - "next man" commented that he felt as though on a "receiving line" - I said (I hope ok) "Congrats on your wedding!" He said well, ya never know, I suppose I could do worse. I said yeah - me tryin' to be clever. Unless I'm sure I won't do it again ...

They told us we were excellent.

This is the kind of spot I "should get" ...

One thing - "strange" - or not? No playback - should I have asked them if they were satisfied?

Also, Todd "flubbed" a line - which I was grateful for - 'cause I "messed" up a bit , too - & we gotta do it again "take 3!"