1st interview/audition @ Voicecasters
w/Linda for Toastmasters - April 1987

I read board - was friendly when girl (turned out to be Linda) asked if I was next. Arrived 40 min early. Took script to my car - I thought I had it pegged "Shirley Jones in her 30's," said board ... I was warm & friendly "lower prices, higher standards," thought of talking to Cecilia - "it's ok!" - tried it "English" too - somehow I knew that wasn't right. Didn't realize how young I sounded. Only tried it those 2 ways after deciding "that's the reading!"

Went in, was taken early - other gal was late. I tried it for a level - I asked - sounded like a pro. She said make it older. I did - then she said make it authoritative & we laid one down. I said shall I keep the smile - she said not to worry about smile. Then I heard back the 1st take - thought "gee, that's bland & boring." Then she said now REALLY do it authoritatively & keep the older sound - like you're the spokeswoman. I did it - she said great & would I like to hear it back? I said yes. I thought I sounded angry. I wasn't talkin' to someone specific anymore - flashes here & there of someome - Cecilia, I think. I thought I sounded angry. Didn't tell Linda this - maybe should have ... Liked the "magical" sound to the last line "you can make yourself understandable to anyone," but that's all I liked. Anyway, I asked her if I could lay one down English - she said no. Dumb question ... oh, well.

Next time - I'll say what I'm feeling about what I've heard ... make sure my "other idea" fits the copy & idea closely - work on "spokesperson" in meantime - ask the more appropriate "can I try it warmer? Keeping same age?"

April '87 - from class @ voicecasters (Kathy Levin)

Listen to each other ... train your ear ... ask questions ...
get your money's worth!

Call Kat & discuss things w/ her (even years late -
agent troubles, etc.)

Bring a portable tape recorder ... to class & @ home -
I need a copy!)

Work @ casa ... with others ... or alone.

1. Read aloud ... anything ...

2. Tape commercials off of TV.

3. Transcribe them - then I do it ... don't imitate -
emulate (the attitude).

4. Get magazine copy & practice reading it.

Be prepared to take risks - ok to be really bad ("going to the wall" - 'too much' - can be toned down). Knowing that somehing doesn't work is valuable! The people in class aren't important - doesn't matter what they think. People are self-obsessed!

Ok to be nervous ... have fun!

Place mike a hand's length away from you (don't speak directly into the mike - at mouth level - across - angled at the corner of your mouth - 45 degree angle. You must stay where you begin - must stay on mike.

Give your name - (at audition - 'state' your name) begin by saying it as the attitude of who you'll be.