Welcome to The Letters Page. I'm very grateful to everyone who has written, your letters mean a lot to me (and to Dino, too) ... they have all been wonderful and I thank you for taking the time to write them.   If you'd like to share your feelings, poetry, etc; or if you have some information about suicide, mental health issues, or Mary Kay's roles, please send your e-mail messages to animationlover@aol.com.

Subject: MKB Letters Page
Date: 1/1/2005 3:50:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

Mary Kay Bergman is hysterical on South Park ... i am 12 years old and probably should not be watching such a show but i love it ... her characters add to each episode ... i just came home from a vacation where i was listening to the cd and i ran to the computer to see who did the voices and i found this out ... my deepest sympathies ... she will always be loved and laughed at ((in a good way)) <3

-x3 M. Elizabeth x3

Subj: MKB-Letters-Page
Date:7/27/2004 11:46:02 AM Pacific Standard Time

Am deeply sorry to hear about this talented young person's fate. She has brought a great deal of joy to me and my girlfriend as we mock her many voices from the South Park series often. Please accept sincerest sympathies.

Tim Stewart, R.R.T.
#98910 - Hook's O2/Medical Equipment Louisville, KY.

Subj: Mary Kay Bergman website
Date: 7/3/2004 6:48:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Doreen:

I just wanted to say that I came across your website www.mkbmemorial.com through a search engine, and I really love it. It is a wonderful tribute to such a talented woman. Mary Kay's story is tragic, but not in vain, let me assure you. I have personally suffered from depression/anxiety/mania stages in my life, and it is not easy to cope with at all. When I was depressed, I seriously felt that if I committed suicide, no one would notice or care. Those stages of my life come and go; as of now, I am not suffering from any of it (*knock on wood*). However, sometimes the feelings would get so intense, that I felt I couldn't handle it anymore. Never before have I heard a suicide story that touched me enough to really stay with me and impress on my mind. I heard all of it: "So-and-so was my daughter, and now she's another suicide victim." However, after looking at your site, and reading the plea that Mary Kay's husband made that no one should suffer, I am touched. Suicide is truly a horrible thing, and it is too bad that such a wonderful and talented woman had to suffer from mental illness. I have read elsewhere that she had inner demons that tortured her, and I know that feeling too well. I cried when I read that she tried to fight this alone, and she lost the battle. Unfortunately, many people have to deal with this. Yet, they aren't the worst victims of it; we need to think about the family and friends that are left behind, feeling guilty thoughts like "I should have noticed it. I could have saved him/her." After reading many accounts of Mary Kay being such a wonderful person, from everyone, including Weird Al Yankovic (who she did a song with), I see that she is truly missed by everyone. Her fans, which include myself, miss her too. I want her husband to know that her passing away was not in vain - it has made me think deeply about those moments when I was depressed, and I thought that suicide was a good answer. Reading her husband say "If this plea can reach just one person, and help them to see the light in the darkness, then I will know that Mary Kay's death was not a waste, but a sacrifice so that another may live" really touched me deep down. I would like him to know that it has reached someone - me.

*May Mary Kay rest in peace 1961-1999*

Thank you for your time, and for your beautiful website. Good luck on your websites and in all you do.

- Veruca -

P.S. - I was inspired to draw a picture after seeing the fanart on the website. It is not that great, let alone the fact that I used only colored pencils to make it. If you would like me to scan it and send it to you, I will do so. I am shy about it though, for I have never posted any art or stories of mine online before.

Date: 1/4/04 3:06:04 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: tsimonek@grandecom.net

I wanted to let you know there are people in this world that are trying to make a difference when it comes to suicide. I hope that you will visit the site below. I also want you to know that I am one of the many people trying to help this cause, my mother shot herself when I was 10 and everyday is a struggle.

I am so deeply sorry for your loss.



Geri Simonek
Assistant Director for The Stevie Lee Fugate Foundation

Date: 8/25/03 6:24:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello, I'm a guy, just 19 years old, from a country of which most people who visit this site won't even know on what continent it lies. Yet, Mary Kay had influenced me in several ways. The most outstanding one, Leisure Suit Larry. I'm a gamer in heart and soul and very critical about games. I was amazed by the incredible voice-acting, but never would I have guessed that three of the voices where from the same women. But, and this is sad but true, she will never again entertain me with her amazingly skilled voice and that makes me sad. There for I will play the game, with a different feeling the next time, with a tear and a smile.

My condolences,

A-J Buwalda
Marknesse, Holland

Date: 1/7/2003 12:17:50 -0500
From: "Suzanne"

Hello. Years ago, my first husband tragically committed suicide. The sad thing is Yes, he kept it a secret. Even from me. Most of the time he seemed completely normal. Sometimes he was moody or cranky (it didn't SEEM pathologic), but really I only perceived it as temporary moods, not mental illness. I will always wonder if he had opened up, if I'd been able to get him help, if he'd be alive today. I NEVER SAW IT FOR WHAT IT WAS. But you know, I have talked to several people who have lost a loved one to suicide and have come to the conclusion (maybe it's wrong) but the many who suffer from depression keep it their deepest darkest secret. The secret eventually becomes overwhelming and any way out is preferable to living with it. It's sad that what they think is the only answer, causes so many questions and regrets for those of us left behind.

May Kay's death saddened and shocked me. I'm sorry for her husband, her friends, her family. But most of all I'm sorry for Mary Kay- because her life was filled with a pain that few of us will ever understand. To be able to turn this tragedy into a way to help others is the greatest tribute. Thanks to all who are honoring her memory in such a loving way.


Date: 11/29/2002 04:25:39 -0800
From: "Allie M."

Hello there-

I found your Mary Kay Bergman memorial site a few weeks ago, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking over it. I had no idea that Mary Kay had passed away. She was my one of my favorite voice actresses from the Leisure Suit Larry games and South Park. I was especially saddened to learn that she suffered from anxiety and depression, two illnesses I myself have been dealing with since high school (I just turned 22 on Nov. 5).

It's true that people are quick to pass judgment, but I am glad to know I'm not alone in my illness. Mary Kay's story has only encouraged me to continue fighting to get better. Her death must have been shattering to those close to her, but it certainly wasn't in vain. Thank you for a beautiful tribute, and for sharing her story.


Allie Martin
Seattle, WA

Date: 9/26/2002 08:49:12 -0400

Dear Doreen,

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tribute webpage for Mary Kay Bergman. You did a beautiful job of showing so many facets of an incredibly talented woman who had many passions and gifts. I am a huge fan of her work, I do follow the work of various voice artists that we all grew up with as well as those in the business today. It's such an amazing thing to see this sharing of love and reflection with everyone about a woman who gave a great deal of herself in everything she did.

It was inspiring to read the interview you conducted with her husband Dino, and listen to the audio clips as well. It is so important to communicate how she lived, how she approached her illness and how many of those who have severe depression and anxiety often hide their suffering from everyone in their lives, fearing the stigma, fearing being ostracized and isolated.

Your tribute gave me such insight and such a wealth of perspective, as melodramatic as that sounds. :) Thank you again for your lovely and detailed and heartfelt work.

Rachael Lillis

Date: 7/3/2002 09:37:07 +0500
Subject: Beautiful

hard to understand why sometimes, maybe we don't have the right to ask why.
Thank you for the positives here.

David Kuechel
Deer Park, IL

Date: 6/21/2002 03:40:51 EDT
Subject: Re: Our Site Has Saved A Life!

Doreen and Nora,

That is truly amazing news. Your love and care, your dedication and talent, your unselfish hearts are responsible for the life of another human being. Someone has a chance of being a husband, a wife, a child, a grandparent, a friend - the beginnings of a legacy instead of another lost soul ...

... thanks to you.

I am so proud of your work. Who knows what joy and promise for the future has been made here? Perhaps there will be future children, perhaps an entire family line, who owe their very existence to you. This letter confirms that what you two have done with a single site is to create a legacy of life that will live well beyond us... possibly for generations.

There ARE Angels on earth - I love and am honored by two whom I call "my friends."


Date: 6/16/2002 05:50:25 EDT
From: CherubSatine

This is probably the most difficult letter I've ever written in my entire life, but I felt I had to write it. I know it sounds horribly dramatic and overdone, bur every word is true, so...

Reading about Mary Kay's struggle with mental illness finally gave me the courage to tell somebody how much I myself was suffering. I am starting, slowly, to talk about what I have been dealing with for the past seven years. I have been suffering from constant fear and worry since I was about twelve, now I am almost eighteen and the last two years have been almost unbearable.

I lived with a constant, deep rooted fear inside, a fear I knew was irrational, that I hid from everybody around me. Nobody had any idea, and to this day very few people have any idea, that I was suffering so much inside. I understand what it is to be afraid and have no idea why. As I read Mary Kay's story for the first time I had a realization. I was not the only person out there who suffered from such a thing. It was a real disease, it was not just me losing my mind!

To be afraid for absolutely no reason at all is one of the worst feelings in the world, and I forced myself to live with it silently for years. Just to know that there really was something medically wrong with me, that I was not "crazy" or "losing my mind", was an enormous weight off of my chest. It was your website, and the willingness of Mary Kay's family to talk about what happened, that made me realize I could not go on living the way I was, that there was another way out of it besides suicide! For years I had resolved myself to the idea that the fear and pain would someday be too much for me, and I would snap and kill myself. I now realize there is another way.

I don't have to go that way anymore! My entire life has been changed. THANK YOU. Feel free to post this, forward it, whatever you like, Maybe what I have to say will help somebody else now.

Date: 3/03/2002 05:28:22 +0200
Subject: For the Most Touching Site I've Ever Seen
From: Kenneth Sundberg

Date: 2/13/2002 00:38:03 -0600

I just read the Dino Andrade interview and I felt deeply touch by it. I too suffer from depression and seen so much of myself in that interview that I felt a connection. I wish that more could be done and that maybe someday a movie could be made about her exposing people to the truth about mental illness. I was wondering if you could ever send a copy of the interview to me. It would greatly help me deal with doctors and to help those around me to understand me and what I am going through.

Michael Eide

Date: 1/14/2002 06:15:54 -0800
Subject: MKB Letters Page

My favorite amongst the "South Park" episodes involving Wendy Testaburger is "Tom's Rhinoplasty." MKB's role as the girlfriend of one Stanley Marsh is shown under sadness, anger, and stress. I don't mean to drag this note longer than it should be, but the episode's description is this: A substitute teacher named Miss Ellen (Natasha Henstridge from "Species") fills in for Mr. Garrison while he gets a nose job. The boys, especially Stan, take a liking to her. Wendy is depressed that she had lost her Stan to Miss Ellen. So, as a plot to win back Stan, she gets a makeover thanks to her best friend, Bebe. (If you've seen the episode, you notice that Wendy's beret is purple when she is dressed in her black leather outfit and that her hair is frizzed somewhat. Also, a continuity goof is shown when Mr. Garrison comes back with his new nose job; when the camera turns to a shot of the kids, you see that Wendy is back in her regular attire.) However, all goes well as Miss Ellen is taken away by a band of Iraqis, is loaded into a rocket, and is shot towards the center of the Sun. At Wendy's pary, Kyle is miffed about what happened and Wendy tells him that she told her, "DON'T (expletive deleted) WITH WENDY TESTABURGER!" After becoming a casual fan of "South Park," I have begun to appreciate MKB's work and the sad fact that she was taken from us too soon.

Jason Bullett

Date: 12/18/2001 20:44:48 +0800
Subject: Mary Kay Memorial

thank you for the site. this lady's whose voice
i knew but who's face I never knew
now makes me aware she was a real person.
There is too much sadness in the world today.

kevin byrne

Date: 12/16/2001 19:28:56 EST
Subject: First Episode of Fairly Oddparents

Hi, I have to say upfront that I think your website is wonderfully done, very good job. And I have a question. Someone told me at some point that Mary Kay Bergman did the first episodes of Fairly Oddparents and I was wondering if the first episode that shows on tv every once in a while is one of the ones that still features Mary Kay's voice work, or if they never used her voice after all. I am a big fan of Mary Kay and a big fan of the Fairly Oddparents, so I was suprised to learn she had a part in the show. If it is indeed Mary Kay's voice in the first episode, then I have some sound clips, if you want them.

Thanks so much.

"Inside my heart is breaking, my makeup may be flaking, but my smile still stays on ..."

Date: 11/19/2001 09:55:13 -0800
Subject: Mary Kay Memorial

Dear Doreen (and company),

I am a Canadian who stumbled on to your site this morning while I am taking a day off of my 'day job' due to a sore knee. Love your site. Thank you for putting out so much energy for Mary Kay Bergman and her widower, Dino. I would love to be on your mailing list. Her talent was enormous. A huge loss.

Thank you...

James Wilkinson

Subject: some rambling and a link request
Date: Wednesday, 25 July 2001 12:48:40 +0100

Dear Doreen

I do a lot of browsing of memorial sites, it's part of my job, and I ask a lot of them to link with us. I usually start by saying something nice about their site. This time it's actually quite difficult to do that simply because I'm quite moved by it. Consequently, if you'll forgive me, I shall ramble a bit.

You are so right, voice actors don't get the recognition they deserve. I have a parallel career as a director and consequently know a large number of actors who do voice work. They tend to be the most professional and creative people around. By all accounts Mary Kay Bergman was one of the best (I never knew her, but some US based friends of mine had worked with her). It's a good memorial, it feels right somehow. Well done.

Now I should try to be businesslike for a moment. Our site is at http://www.befrienders.org and has information about suicide and crisis support world wide. It also has information about support by email. I hope it might be of use on the Life Preserver page, especially for non-US based visitors.

Eric Jarvis
Assistant Manager, BI Online
Tel: ++44- (0) 20- 8541 4949
website: www.befrienders.org

Subj: a thank you from grey delisle!
Date: 01/08/01 8:07:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

hi there!
just a note to thank you for the fine job you've done helping us all remember mary kay!
her spirit lives on and continues to inspire those who loved her

thanks again

-grey delisle

Subj: MKB Memorial
Date: 11/1/00 9:14:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello, my name is Chip Johnson and I have just recently discovered who Mary Kay Bergman was and what great things she had done. It makes me sad to hear about her tragic death. Like many, I am a great fan of cartoons and Mary Kay provided voices for some of my favorite characters.

I too have a mental illness, but my illness is different than hers was. Since 1997, I have been diagnosed with "manic depression" (aka- Bi-polar).

So I can somewhat understand of what she was going through and I am greatly saddened by her tragic death. If it was not for the love and support of my family and friends, I would probably have gone down the same path as Mary Kay did. Many times in the past, I have tried to commit suicide and I know the struggles that many people face when dealing with that subject.

I am writing this to say that even after 1 year from her death, Mary Kay Bergman is still a great influence to me and a lot of other people. I wish that I could have met her just once and to let her know that she was not alone.

I hope someday in heaven that I will meet her and to personally thank her for being such a great role model for everyone.

Thank you for your time and I pray that God is with her always.

Chip Johnson

Subj: MKB Memorial
Date: 5/16/00 3:04:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, my name is Freddy and I am from Mexico. I just want to tell you that I am sorry for what happened to this great and special person.

I am an amateur writer and I am working on a Scooby Doo Story and I just found out this sad news and I know that this happened last year, but you see sometimes I am too busy to watch TV lately or to read the newspaper. When I heard this sad news, a few days ago, it really made me sad.

I give you my condolences and I hope that she is happy where ever she is and I am sure that she is very happy with the Tribute that you have made for her.

I thank Mary Kay Bergman for giving her voice to a lot of my favorite characters on TV and for being a great person on earth.


Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 4/27/00 12:42:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Of the 2 and a half years in which I've been a South Park fan, some of the most lasting memories I have of the show are formed from Mary Kay Bergman. Since I learned who she was, the fact that she could do so many different voices had always impressed me. One day, I surfed my way to wackyvoices.com and was amazed. So many voices from one woman, and not just from South Park, either!

I watched the two newest Scooby Doo movies especially for Mary Kay, and realized I had heard her voice many a time before without even realizing it. I began to pay more and more attention to the female voices of South Park, falling more and more in love with the dynamic presence her voice alone could create, especially with Kyle's mother Sheila. The movie soundtrack had her most fantastic moments, with beautiful singing that few could recreate the way she did. The note Sheila holds on Mountain Town continues still to make me stop in awe.

I don't hold the exact day in memory when I found out Mary Kay had passed on, but I remember that the day before I got the news, I had a feeling that somthing was going to happen. Something large, something significant. That night, I paused conversation with one of my friends to step over to my stereo, playing Mountain Town and Blame Canada, each once through.

When the South Park Christmas CD came out, one of the reasons I had to purchase it was that it was some of the last work Mary Kay had ever done with South Park. Finally managing to purchase it, I listened to it repeatedly for several weeks. When the episode featuring the CD aired, I cried at the ending song, featuring the most subtle, beautiful silent tribute I've ever seen.

"Here we are, as in olden days, happy golden days of yore. Faithful friends, who are dear to us, gather near to us once more ... "

Your site brings back those memories and more. {snip} Her interviews made me even more aware of what a wonderful person she was, and her talent is even more than I expected; from as high as Wendy to as low as Sheila, all without voice alteration! Thank you for keeping the memory of this wonderful woman alive.

For your website, if you'd ever like to use it, here's a poem I wrote at the news of Mary Kay's death:

The colors pale and deathly drained
A world without creative vein
A dance slow and with no true reign
content and yet still seeking.

Out of the mist, a child's cry
enters the world, heaven knows why.
The years pass and the colors gain
All from this child's dreaming.

You were the resistance,
the fight of color, light.
For the world your voice painted
as it echoed into night.

You knew the resistance
that very few do know:
fight of expressing, living,
saying yes when they say no.

She sparked the world with talent vast,
not once chance did she let her pass,
she made her mark and sang her song
and reached her highest dream.

She knew herself, she knew her soul,
her passions, craft, her fears and roles-
illness and terror stole her life,
tears in our eyes do gleam.

You were the resistance.
The countless words you said,
each expression and melody
still echo in our heads.

You made the resistance
that very few did see:
the fight for all things living
in a quest to set us free.

The colors pale and deathly drained,
a world without creative vein.
But although darkened, color gleams
in afterglow of memory...


Subj: South Park Soundbyte
Date: 4/24/00 7:11:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

File: stans-mom.mp3 (153385 bytes)
DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute

I snagged this short clip, from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, of Stan's mother singing. I was watching it and thought it would be a cool Mary Kay fan submission.

Hope you like it : )


Subj: MKB Memorial
Date: 4/12/00 8:06:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Doreen

Hello, my name is Kirsty and I come from Australia.

I just wanted to write and let you know that you have done a great job with the Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Website.

Mary Kay is my hero and I am so sad about her death, I miss her so much.

Your website provides so much information, and that's great cause in Australia we don't get newspapers like the Daily Variety, so it is great that your site provides scans of the articles so at least people like me can get print outs of them.

Anyway, I'm sure you get heaps of people e-mailing you and telling you what a great job you have done, but I just wanted to e-mail you myself and tell you what a fantastic job I think you have done.


Subj: Re: MK Fan Art Online
Date: 4/12/00 3:39:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Thank you so much. I'm very flattered, as I'm sure Mary Kay would have gotten a really big kick out of seeing how she's been turned into a cultural icon through fan art - she did love her fans you know... and I'm sure she still does.


Subj: Mary Kay in Variety, also in the Reporter
Date: 3/27/00 2:04:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Dino Andrade

Tomorrow's (Tuesday) Los Angeles edition of the Daily Variety will be running a full-page Oscar Version of the open letter for Mary Kay and the Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Fund. The Daily Variety was gracious enough to donate the entire rear cover for this special ad.

A smaller (and not quite as snazzy) version of the Mary Kay Variety ad will also be appearing within the pages of the Los Angeles Edition of the Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 3/18/00 3:39:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Ms. Mulman:

I've wanted to write ever since Dino turned me on to your site several weeks ago but our lives have been so overturned by the tragedy of Mary Kay's passing that I just haven't had the time.

Mostly I want to thank you for your beautiful site. I had hoped to thank you in person but the sheer number of people at the memorial made meeting everybody short of impossible. I'm sure I will have the opportunity in the future.

Words can't express how much good the efforts of people like you do - apart from the comfort you've brought those of us who knew and loved Mary Kay, your links to the various mental health pages and hotlines hold the potential of saving lives.

I hope she can become a symbol to those who are afraid or lonely or depressed. There is help out there and reaching out for it is not admitting you're crazy or a coward. It's just admitting you need help and there's not a soul on this planet who hasn't needed help at some time in their lives.

The disorder that took Mary Kay was based in fear, and yet, as I said at the memorial, I consider her to be the bravest person I ever met. She went into battle every day against an insurmountable foe and came out victorious time and time again. What I have to keep reminding myself of is the many battles she won and not dwell on the one she lost.

And again, my deepest thanks. Whenever Mary Kay would run out the door to an audition or job, instead of saying "break a leg," we'd always say "kick some butt."

Doreen, your site kicks some serious butt.

-John Michael Bell

Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 3/16/00 11:44:35 PM Pacific Standard Time

Great website and thanks for the review.

By the way, I, too am a voice-over performer as well as a voice-over casting director. Also, everyone in the choir is a voice-over artist (ie. Jim Thornton, the KNX [L.A. radio station] morning traffic guy; Kevin Noonchester and Chris Allport are veterans of several commercials, animation and looping).

I was also the coordinator of the [Memorial Celebration and Concert] event with Dino and John Bell. It was a lot of work, but a pure labor of love.

Thanks again.

-Aleta Braxton

Excerpts from an e-mail dated 3/16/00 ...
This *really* touched me ... I just *had* to share it:

{snip} I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your work on the website with all the new coverage of the memorial celebration - you've done Mary Kay's memory proud. I've encouraged all our friends to e-mail you through the site and leave you with some anecdotes about Mary Kay that you can post. When I get the Mary Kay Bergman Mental Health Association off the ground, I hope I can continue to count on your support. {snip}

With regard to an interview - after what you heard at the memorial, I hope you now understand why I said that there was quite a lot more to talk about... and should be talked about if we want to help prevent this kind of tragedy. I want to believe that someday a child will be watching some animated flick, not knowing that it is Mary Kay who's voice is entertaining them... a child who is there because years before their mother or father's life was saved by our efforts. That is the legacy I want for my Mary Kay.


Subj: Mail from Germany
Date: 3/4/00 2:44:11 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello from Germany!

Hi, I am Joanna from Bavaria, Germany and I'm also a big fan of Mary Kay Bergman and South Park. First: this site is marvellous. It is so full of feelings and a kind of hopes. I visit it every time I visit the Internet. I'd like to say that Mary Kay was a very talented and terrific woman and I liked her already, when I read her name in the credits from Disney movies! The first photos I saw were beautiful, but I saw them, when I read the shocking news, on December 30th. This was the saddest New Year's Eve in my life. [On] this day I stood in my room, looked up through the window to the night sky and spoke to Mary and wished her a happy new year 2000. I know, it sounds funny, but it gives me hope and I speak to Mary sometimes when I am alone and I sometimes sing this song I wrote to her. I take your "Memorial" pictures to school with me to see Mary every day. I hope you can understand me. I didn't know her personally and she didnīt know me, but I have to say this:

I just love her, she was so nice! I can't forget her and other fans will feel like me. I already drew about 8 pictures for and of Mary Kay and in [the] future you will see them at "www.kenny.de", a German South Park site. Thatīs all for now. Thanks for reading [this]. And thanks for this site, it's just wonderful. Sorry, if this mail is too long.


P.S. I read the site about suicide, too. Thank you again, it helped me a little bit.

Subj: MKB's last feature project
Date: 3/3/00 11:40:41 AM Pacific Standard Time


"Scooby-Doo & The Alien Invaders" (October direct-to-video release from Warner Home Video) was the last feature project Mary Kay completed only weeks before her death.

It will co-star B.J. Ward, Mark Hamill and Kevin Richardson. I assume Frank Welker and Scott Innes will be rounding off the cast, though they weren't mentioned.

-Craig "Voiceroy" Crumpton
Editor - http://zip.to/thevault
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Subj: Bob's Video
Date: 2/13/00 4:09:12 AM Pacific Standard Time


FYI - Bob's Video will be shown as a special midnight memorial screening in honor of Mary Kay at the Texas Film Festival this coming Friday the 18th at Midnight (of course) Rudder Theater on the Texas A&M Campus, Joe Routt Blvd. College Station Texas. I personally will be introducing the film and doing a Q&A following the screening.

Take care,

-Dino Andrade

Subj: Mary Kay Memoriam at the Oscars
Date: 1/17/00 2:56:25 AM Pacific Standard Time

To Doreen Mulman and Mary Kay Bergman Fans,

In an effort to insure that the legacy of my wife is not forgotten, a letter writing campaign is underway to have Mary Kay included in the "In Memoriam" segment of this year's Oscar telecast. We know that this will be difficult to achieve as the Academy typically only recognizes whomever they consider to be "memorable name" talent. I am therefore reaching out to you, the fans she loved so much, and ask that you join us in this effort with letters of your own.

Following is my own letter as an example:

"ROBERT REHME, President
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
8949 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Dear Mr. Rehme,

I wish to respectfully request that my wife, voice over star Mary Kay Bergman, be added to the"In Memoriam" section of this year's Oscar telecast. Sadly, Mary Kay took her own life after losing her struggle with a progressive mental illness, which tragically, she had kept secret.

A veteran actress of fourteen years, Mary Kay has performed in over twenty-three live-action and animated theatrical features, including such box office hits as Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, HERCULES and MULAN. This past year alone she was featured in the critically acclaimed IRON GIANT, and the current smash hits, TOY STORY 2 and STUART LITTLE - as well as SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, AND UNCUT, where, in her starring roles, she not only voiced, but sang as sixteen separate characters, a feat unequaled by any star (voice-over or otherwise) in feature film history!

Along with a current memorial fund, in the coming year, work is being done to create a new mental health outreach program in my wife's name for actors and other artists in the motion picture field to try and prevent such future tragedies - your inclusion of Mary Kay in the memoriam could help raise awareness, and bring attention to this life-saving cause.

A true artist and consummate professional, Mary Kay always pushed herself, striving for perfection in the pursuit of touching the soul of anyone wanting to be entertained by the magic of the movies. My wife's passing is not just a blow to the industry, but to us all, young and old, whose souls have indeed been touched by this bright and funny light that has gone out much too soon. It is only right that the Academy whose mission it is to recognize excellence in motion pictures, recognizes not only the excellence, but the artistry, talent, and contribution of my beloved wife, Mary Kay Bergman.

Thank You"

Feel free to write something as long or much shorter it's up to you - just know that every letter counts! Also, please note that we thought it wise to only focus on Mary Kay's theatrical career, as the stuffy old Academy could probably care less about Mary Kay's accomplishments on television or otherwise (we'll save all that for the Emmys!).

In any event - although an insidious anxiety disorder cut my wife's brilliant career short, in my heart her achievements deserve to be recognized by that "worldwide" viewing audience that the Oscars are always boasting about. Please spread the word and help make that happen.

Thank you for your support,

-Dino Andrade

Subj: Mary Kay Bergman Memorial
Date: 12/3/99 1:40:16 PM Pacific Standard Time
File: file_attachment


My name is Jay Higley. Dino Andrade, Mary Kay Bergman's husband and I have been friends since our early teens. I pointed out your beautiful site to Dino, and in view of the very tasteful and respectful way you are treating her memory, he has asked me to reach out to you on his behalf. I was personally so impressed with what you've done I felt he really ought to see it. It is, essentially, exactly how he has been saying he wants Mary Kay's memory to be presented. Dino was wondering if you would be interested in sending him some questions via email and have it on your site as an exclusive interview with him? He does reserve the right to not answer individual questions, but he would like to make sure that certain points about Mary Kay's illness and her death are articulated and emphasized, so that hopefully awareness can be raised and something good can come out of this tragedy.

In addition, he asked me to send you a press release regarding a special showing of "Bob's Video" which will be in Mary Kay's honor. Please post it to your site if you can.

Whatever your reply, we, Mary Kay's friends and family, thank you sincerely for what you have done.

-J. Higley

Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 12/11/99 8:04:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

I wanted to let you know that your site is wonderful, and it's really sweet that you took the time to create this, for a woman who was one of the most talented people in Hollywood in addition to being very caring and attentive to her fans. I had the good fortune of being in occasional contact with her via email and discovered that she considered herself lucky to have so many fans.

I will always remember what a wonderful person and incredible talent, and once again, wanted to thank you for a lovely site.


Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 12/18/99 8:50:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi to all;

As one of the many fans of South Park let me just say that I think that this is a very nice memorial to a really talented person. A person who left this world too soon. I've been a fan of South Park for the last year and it just won't be the same without someone as versatile an actress as Mary Kay was.

My thoughts and my prayers are with you!

-Celeste Keenan
Cobourg, ON, Canada

Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 1/6/00 6:41:16 PM Pacific Standard Time


I happen to be an animation fan. I am finishing up my degree (I graduate this May), and I want to do voice overs. It has been a passion of mine alongside music (guitar and bass player). I would like to apologize for writing so late, I did not realize that Mary had passed on (I was 2 months too late) - I too am greatly saddened. She gave warmth to all the characters she voiced. I cannot picture the characters with a voice other than hers. The only thing I can do is say a little prayer and enjoy the many videos that have her voice in them. Thank you for letting me share my moment of sorrow. I extend my greetings and my condolences to her friends and family. Rest In Peace Mary.

-Howard F. Doll IV

Subj: Mary Kay Memorial
Date: 1/13/00 12:48:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

I want to extend you my sincere sympathy, and that of my associates. Although there isn't much that we can say that will comfort you at this time like this, we do want you to know that Mary Kay's passing has made us feel that we have lost a very close friend whom we shall never forget.

I happened to notice this banner, while looking up comical web pages, due to the fact that a I am currently involved in the process of creating a web based weekly show dealing with pure comedy of late aged teens, and people entering their early 20s.

We're setting the domain name up within the next two weeks, and since I respect South Park as being one of the greatest comedy shows ever to be aired, and for respect of Mary Kay, it would be very much appreciated if we could post your banner.

My deepest condolences,
-Richard n. Salmonson

The Official Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Site