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This page was created after I e-mailed Mary Kay and asked if she'd do a short interview for my site, The Ghostbusters Fan Forum. Her reply was "Sure!" so, I sent her questions from some Extreme Ghostbusters fans who had enjoyed her portrayal of "Banshee" and wished to know more about her career. She returned her answers to me on October 20, 1999. Sadly, we lost Mary Kay just a few weeks later. I felt compelled to take the interview, plus a small "Daphne" (Scooby-Doo) page I had (which Mary Kay had seen and helped me with) and expand them into the MKB Memorial Site.    -Doreen
Mary Kay Bergman
Nora and I are honored to bring you this interview, featuring a seven page transcript and twenty-four audiobytes from our four hour conversation with Mary Kay's widower, Dino Andrade, recorded June 29, 2000. In November 2000, Dino supplemented the interview further with additional information he was not yet ready to talk about in July. Dino also provided nineteen photos and two documents from Mary Kay's short, but brilliant life. It not only offers insight into Mary Kay's life and final days, it also offers hope to survivors of suicide. We hope it will help raise mental health awareness, too.    -Doreen

Multimedia from Mary Kay's November 5, 1999 appearance on Chapman University's cable access program, Nightcap. Nora and I made all the RealMedia (video, audio), .wav files and video captures from a videotape provided to Dino Andrade by Nightcap.   (Used by permission.)

I was totally unable to relocate the page at Hollywood.com where I found these 5 great Real Audio clips (early in the year 2000), of Mary Kay talking about her career, so I've reposted them here.

This page contains three VidCaps and WAVs of Mary Kay, created from the "Making Of ..." supplemental material included on the DVD version of Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders.

June 29, 1997
EMuck Special Invited Talk

EMuck's Mickey welcomed Mary Kay for a Special Invited Talk, about voice acting and
her experiences working on Hercules. (Originally published at amberthree.dynip.com.)

January 1999
Voice Chasers Interview

By Linda Tindall. [Toon Talk, Issue 9]
Mary Kay is quoted saying: "It was exciting to be a part of ['What Dreams May Come']
because I love the message behind it, that love does not die, and that's great!"

November 1999
Click here
to see a screen grab of Comedy Central's South Park website's condolences to Mary Kay's family and friends.

June 14, 2000
Not a 'South Park' Casualty

By Steve Ryfle. [Hollywood.com]
Dino is quoted saying: "I think she was dealing with this [her anxieties and fears]
for years, hiding behind the voices of other people. The one mystery we'll never
know is why she kept it a secret." (Originally published at thetribunenews.com.)


Don't Blame South Park!

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