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Mary Kay Bergman RealAudio Interview Clips:

Clip 1 (139 Kb)
MKB - Starting as a Voice Over Talent.
Conversations with neighbor's collie; voice matching Helen Hunt and Jodi Foster.

Clip 2 (163 Kb)
MKB - Her many 'South Park' voices.
"I'm not a hermaphroditic crack-whore, but I play one on TV."

Clip 3 (115 Kb)
MKB - "South Park" pushes the envelope.
"We offend everybody -- equally."

Clip 4 (66.9 Kb)
MKB - "Kids seeing 'South Park.'"
Doesn't want 11 year old step-daughter to see the movie.

Clip 5 (83.0 Kb)
MKB - The magic of animation.
The characters are the stars.

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