One year my mother got me a chocolate bunny for Easter. Home the next day, Mary Kay and I were feeling a might peckish and decided that a chunk of rabbit ALA chocolate would do quite nicely. So I ventured into the kitchen to retrieve said bunny when I discovered the box to be empty. I asked Mary Kay where the bunny went, whereupon she trotted into the kitchen with a frown. One look at the box and Mary Kay knew I was pulling her leg. I assured her that it was no jest, and that I had not removed the rabbit from the box. Odder still, the box appeared to be unopened. Upon closer inspection, Mary Kay and I did indeed find the box to not be tampered with. Befuddled, I opened the box, took a peek inside and instantly collapsed to the floor in hysterics. The entire bunny had melted down into a solid block at the bottom of the box with the two candy eyes floating on top. It turns out that when we got home that night, Mary Kay had set the box next to the stove not thinking that the heat from the pilot lights would do the rabbit in. And that's how Mary Kay killed my Easter bunny.

-Dino Andrade, April 14, 2001.

How to Make a Chocolate Easter Bunny!

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