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"Mary Kay would have liked the support of her fans for 'BOB'S VIDEO.'"

- Dino Andrade

BOB'S VIDEO" is the sole project Mary Kay & Dino's production company, Klaxon Filmworks completed before Mary Kay passed away.

Mary Kay appears in the film in her one-and-only live-action role, as 'The Lady in Red.' Not only does she appear briefly in the film and provide a few voice-overs, Mary Kay also served as still photographer and executive producer.



A new version of Bob's Video premiered at the Blue Sky International Film Festival in Las Vegas. This new version is a new digital print, with a new sound design, and a new version of Mary Kay Bergman's cameo. In the original version, Mary Kay's cameo was shot mostly from the back as a sort of inside joke about her being a voice over star. This cameo has been painstakingly reconstructed using alternate footage so we now get to see Mary Kay in all her glory! Mary Kay's husband, and Bob's Video director, Dino Andrade introduced the film, which was followed by a Q&A. Dino also promoted The Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Project. The festival screenings were held at Regal's Sunset Cinemas in Henderson, Nevada on Thursday, September 21st at 7pm & 10:45pm and Friday, September 22nd at 9pm.


A screening of Bob's Video was held at the Worldwide Cineplex Odeon Theater on 50th St. Between 8th and 9th Avenue in Manhattan, New York, on Thursday, August 3, 2000.

Bob's Video was shown as a special midnight memorial screening in honor of Mary Kay at the Texas Film Festival, February 18, 2000, at Rudder Theater on the Texas A&M Campus in College Station, Texas. Dino Andrade personally introduced the film and did a Q&A after the screening.

BOB'S VIDEO PRESS RELEASE (re-edited 12/3/00)

Mary Kay and her husband, director Dino Andrade, had a dream of forming a production company inspired by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ballís Desilu studios. Tragically, the comedy feature film Bob's Video was the only project they completed together before Mary Kayís struggle with a progressive mental illness took her from us.

Tragically, Mary Kay kept the illness that overwhelmed her a secret from her husband, friends and family. To compound the situation, her disorder was a "fear-based" phobic disorder rather than a "depression-based" disorder so there were none of the classic signs that she was suicidal. The final tragedy was that this illness is "treatable" and had she sought the help of those who loved her, Mary Kayís life could have been saved.

Mary Kayís cameo in the film as "the Lady in Red" represents her only on-screen performance - and yet, while that cameo is all-too-brief, her influence is felt in every frame of Bob's Video. Among the many tasks shared by Mary Kay and Dino: they produced the film with their own funds, developed the story and handled the casting, featuring many of the top talents in the voice-over community, including E.G. Daily, Bill Farmer and Corey Burton.

Even with her busy voice-over career, Mary Kay was happy to be on the set every day by her husbandís side handling the still photography, post ADR sessions, and performing a number of voice-over roles throughout the film. In short, Mary Kay made Bob's Video special, not because of her brief appearance in it, but because she believed in the film, and did it out of love for Dino, and love for the project.

Bob's Video's first screening was rescheduled (from a previously announced time and date) for a special "memoriam" screening held at the CineVegas Film Festival, December 11, 1999, at the Theatres des Arts of the new Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

In the hopes of raising awareness of the now tragically clear dangers of untreated mental illness, a portion of the proceeds went to the Mary Kay Bergman Memorial Fund, which will hopefully help prevent such tragedies in the future.

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