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Maurice LaMarche was born March 30, 1958. Most people recognize his voice as The Brain ("Pinky and the Brain"), but Real Ghostbusters animation fans know his voice as another egghead: Dr. Egon Spengler. Of course, he has done so many voices for many very well-known characters that chances are pretty good you can hear his voice almost any time you turn on your flat screen TV and flip through the channels.

Over 20 years ago, Moe was voted "Most Likely to Be Someone Else" by his Toronto, Ontario (Canada) high school classmates. He is only the third person in history, and the second in the last 50 years, to be the official voice of Popeye. He can also be heard as Toucan Sam in Fruit Loops cereal commercials. Please check out Moe's IMDb Page for more information about his huge body of work.

Moe's Filmography with Links to Character Audiobytes:

"House of Mouse" (2001)
"Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn" (2000)
"The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus" (2000)
"Sonic Underground" (1999)
"Wakko's Wish" (1999, V)
"Chimp Channel, The" (1999)
"Futurama" (1999)
"Dilbert" (1999)
"Descent 3" (1999, VG)
"Histeria!" (1998)
"Howie Mandel Show, The" (1998)
"Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain" (1998)
"As Good As It Gets" (1997)
"Home to Rent" (1997)
"Channel Umptee-3" (1997)
"Extreme Ghostbusters" (1997)
"Gadget Boy's Adventures In History" (1997)
"Johnny Bravo" (1997)
"Space Goofs" (1997)
"Space Jam" (1996)
"Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys" (1996)
"All Dogs Go to Heaven 2" (1996)
"Dexter's Laboratory" (1996)
"Hey, Arnold" (1996)
"Road Rovers" (1996)
"Freakazoid!" (1995)
"Carrotblanca" (1995)
"Gadget Boy and Heather (1995)
"Pinky and The Brain" (1995)
"The Tick" (1995)
"Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat" (1995)
"Ed Wood" (1994)
"The Critic" (1994)
"Animaniacs" (1993)
"Bonkers" (1993)
"Problem Child" (1993)
"Cool World" (1992)
"The Little Mermaid" (1992, TV)
"Taz-Mania" (1991)
"Where's Waldo?" (1991)
"Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" (1990)
"Captain Planet and the Planeteers" (1990)
"Gravedale High" (1990)
"Tiny Toon Adventures" (1990)
"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" (1989)
"Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters" (1988)
"D.C. Follies" (1987)
"Dennis the Menace" (1987)
"The Real Ghostbusters" (1986)
"Popples" (1986)
"The Transformers" (1984)
"Funny Farm, The" (1983)
"Inspector Gadget" (1983)
"Rock & Rule" (1983)
Mortimer Mouse/Scuttle
Actor (Video Game)
Mogorb: King of the Awgwas
The Brain, Squit
Harry Waller/Bernard the Sarcastic Cockatoo
Kif Kroker
The Garbageman

George Washington/Abraham Lincoln/Others
The Brain
Simon's Dad (voice)

Egon Spengler

Pepe le Pew
Dr. Splitz/Splitzy

Dick Mcman/Ratman
'Big Bob' Pataki
Radio Announcer
Yosemite Sam (General Pandemonium)
Chief Quimby
The Brain
The Deadly Bulb/Mr.Smartypants/Thrakrazogg

Orson Welles (voice)
Jeremy Hawke/Orson Welles
The Brain, Squit
Tuttle Turtle/Mr. Blackenblue/Smarts

Hugh Devil

Duke Nukem/Verminous Skumm
Sid The Invisible Kid
Dizzy Devil
Inspector Gadget
Egon Spengler

George Wilson/Henry Mitchell
Egon Spengler
Six Gun
Chief Quimby

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