Herman Morris Mulman
June 10, 1917 - March 18, 2005

Photos and Articles:
May 1935: South Side High, Newark (NJ)
1946-1948: Local #190 Union Prez (NJ)
May 1948: Nat'l Vice Prez Nomination
May 1949: Local #190 Resignation
Nov. 1949: Loyalty Case No. 159
1961-1965: Local #1256 Union Prez (CA)
1981: City Council Candidate (7th Dist)
March 25, 1983: "PUC Hearing"
September 1987: "SS Petition"
November 1986: "Reflections"
September 1989: "Catastrophic Care"
Campaigns: Lyle Hall | Bill Clinton '92

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Herman in 1935 ... Click to See a Pic of Herman in 2005!

Article and Photos:

Obituary of Herman Mulman by Doreen Mulman (daughter)

Article and Photos:

Obituary of Herman Mulman by Alan S. Mulman & Liz Corwin

Articles by Eric Mann:

Read: BRU's Obituary
Listen: Frontline Eulogy
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Info and Images:

Herman Mulman Memorial Bookstore: The Books of Eric Mann

Article and Photo:

Obituary of Herman Mulman by the Los Angeles Times staff

Bus Riders Union Member
Manuel Criollo:

"Herman was a comrade, long-distance runner and a hero. I hope I can live a life as rich at serving the people."

Card from the Bus Riders Union

Hoping you will find comfort in the memories that are yours to cherish always & strength in the companionship of those who share your loss.

Bus Riders Union Member
Sunyoung Yang:

"Deepest sympathy for your loss as well as our loss, because we will miss his presence."

Bus Riders Union Member
Shepherd Petit:

"Herman was a very outspoken person and he was a fighter for civil rights."

Bus Riders Union Member
Woodrow Coleman:

"We have lost a great person."

Bus Riders Union Member
Lisa Adler:

"I'm sorry for your loss. We will miss Herman very much."

Bus Riders Union Member
Mark-Anthony Johnson:

"We will forever admire Herman's fighting spirit and his unshaken determination."

Bus Riders Union Member
Barbara Lott-Holland:

"Herman was a fighter til the end. He will be missed."

Bus Riders Union Member
Francisca Porchas:

"Earth is a marketplace, heaven is our home ... My prayers are with you."

Condolence eMail from Congressman Berman Daughter Doreen with Herman in the mid-1960's
National Health Care was something Herman strongly believed in.

GRAPHIC BY DOREEN: Please click here for photo of the beautiful floral arrangement and card from George Sinanis. (Thanks, George) Please click for a larger image of the card from The Nation. (Many Thanks to Susie, Ron and Samantha Tansky) GRAPHIC BY DOREEN: Please click here for scan of the complete message from Susan (Roth) and Jim Gleason. (Many Thanks to Herman's niece Susan and her husband)

Herman Mulman, Political Activist

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