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fred01_mp3.wav (20 Kb)
Fred: "Don't worry guys, we're going to New Orleans for our first segment, Haunts of Louisiana."

fred02_mp3.wav (44 Kb)
Fred: "Well, what do you think?"
"What do we have to lose? It's the best lead we've had all day."
Fred: "And that Lena is kinda cute."
Fred: "I just meant that she'd be real photogenic for our segment."

fred03_mp3.wav (17 Kb)
Fred: "Hey, let's go, guys... we've found another haunted house to investigate!"

fred05_mp3.wav (27 Kb)
Fred: "We've been levitated before and there's always a magnet or wire somewhere."
"No wires here, Fred."

fred06_mp3.wav (59 Kb)
"Morgan Moonscar was rumored to have buried treasure on the island, though it was never found."
Fred: "Treasure? Aha! I knew it! It's some guy disquised as a pirate ghost trying to scare everyone off the island."

fred07_mp3.wav (102 Kb)
"What I'd like to find out is why these ghosts want us off the island?"
Fred: "It's not ghosts, Velma. It's just guys in masks and they're probably after the pirates' treasure."
"Or, covering up a smuggling operation..."
Fred: "Or, maybe there's oil under the island..."
(gasps) "Oh my."
"Really guys, for once can't you accept that, maybe, there are some mysteries that have no rational explanation?"

fred08_mp3.wav (26 Kb)
"Hey, we should do a segment on Lena's pecan pie, Daph, it's supernatural!"
"You are so corny."

fred09_mp3.wav (61 Kb)
"What is it!?"
Fred: "Crawdad shells."
"Well, I guess the guys liked your girlfriend's cooking, too."
Fred: "She's not my girlfriend, Daph. I just said I enjoy her cooking... and what about Beau?"
"What about him?"

fred10_mp3.wav (252 Kb)
Fred: "Take it easy, Shag, it's just a mask."
"If this is a mask, Fred, it's a pretty darned good one."
Fred: "Ha! Good one? It's the fakest, cheesiest mask I've ever seen."
"Really? But it feels real."
Fred: "You're just not pulling hard enough."
"OK, Mr. Macho, why don't you try it?"
Fred: "Sure. Hold this, Shag. (Shaggy shivers) Either hold it still or give it to Daphne."
(Fred struggles to get mask off)
Fred: "It's the gardener."
Fred: "It's the fisherman."
Fred: "It's the ferryman."
Fred: "Maybe it's... real..."
(everyone freaks out)
"I told you it wasn't a mask."
Fred: "It must be animatronic."

Files created by Paul Rudoff for The GBFF (1998)