Transformers Beginnings

TRANSFORMER MOVIE DVD NEWS: If you buy the Transformers movie at WAL-MART it is packaged in a two disk set with an exclusive DVD entitled Transformers: Beginnings. Frank has confirmed that he is Megatron in this comic book style prequel to the Transformers movie:

"Yes, I did the voicing for the Wal-Mart extra.  I'm really glad to hear that the fans are happy to hear the original Megatron.  It was fun doing the work again, and the reviews I have read were very positive about the voices but not too keen on the story ... similar to the game, lots of great reviews on the sound but a little disappointed in the game over all.  I am not a gamer so I wouldn't know a joystick from a Wii wand.  I'm not proud of that, mind you, it's just I don't know anything about the world of games.  I have done many voices for them though ... so I am part of that world by proxy."

-Frank Welker (11/3/2007, 8:43:18 PM)

Transformers Beginnings can also be viewed on YouTube:

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