Some of the files require RealPlayer G2 (or higher) and some can be played with older versions of RealPlayer. These files are all theme songs from cartoons Frank has been on, but only a few of the files contain his voice.
"The Chipmunks" (1980)
Frank's not in this file. He provided additional voices to the series.

"Dynomutt" (1978)
Theme features Gary Owens & Frank as Dynomutt, Dog Wonder!

"Fangface" (1978)
Frank played Biff on this series. I think he does the werewolf sounds, too.

"Foofur" (1986)
Frank was Foofur, but Foofur did *not* sing in his own theme.

"Jabberjaw" (1976)
Great theme! Frank is Jabberjaw!

"Gravedale High" (1990)
I *think* Frank laughs at the start of this song. He was Frankentyke & J.P. Ghastly III.

"Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch" (1974)
Theme is instrumental only. Frank played Wheelie and Chopper!

Files encoded by The Toon Tracker. Thanks, Ron!