Disney's One Saturday Morning: Manny The Uncanny
With Special Guest Frank Welker (September 19, 1998)

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Top of the show:Frank in the recording studio:
3 Pics: frnks1.jpg, frnks2.jpg, frnks3.jpg

Frank: "Whenever I have a special project, I come to L.A. Zoo and do a little research."
manny01_mp3.wav (19 Kb)

Manny (Paul Rugg) and Frank Welker At The L.A. Zoo:
Frank describes how hanging out at the zoo, talking with the animals,
helped him perfect his talent at performing animal sounds :
6 Pics: frnk1.jpg, frnk2.jpg, frnk3.jpg, frnk4.jpg, frnk5.jpg, frnk6.jpg

Manny and Frank discuss Frank's monkey roles: manny02_mp3.wav (101 Kb)

Frank checks out a parrot: frnk7.jpg

Just like the birdy, reward your voice actor when he completes the desired behavior: reward.gif

Frank freaks out Manny with tiger snarls and growls! manny03_mp3.wav (34 Kb)

Manny, Frank and the Zoo Curator act like silly monkeys: mufrnk.gif

Manny and Frank wave good-bye to the zoo: frnk8.jpg

Final scene of Frank at close of show: osm_frank.gif, manny04_mp3.wav (10 Kb)

Manny learned s'much from Frank and we hope you learned s'much, too!

Bonus image (NOT from this episode), from Disney's MTU site: manny5.jpg

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Sounds files by Paul Rudoff.
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