bigfoot1_mp3.wav (726 Kb)
Bigfoot chews on a log, then stops and sniffs.
Goofy: "And now, we reel 'er in."
Bigfoot chases the steak, catches it, bites it and is then reeled in by Goofy.
Goofy: "Quick! Get the camera!"
Max hands the camera to Goofy.
Goofy: "Must be over three pounds! I don't wanna miss this!"
(whispers) "Look, Max!"
Max: "Uh, duh, duh, dad ... It's Bigfoot!"
Goofy: "Could you back up a bit, Mister Foot? You're out of focus."
Bigfoot roars and Goofy and Max start running. The steak hits Pete in the face.
Pete: "What's the idea of..." (sees Max and Goofy running) "Bigfoot!"
Pete grabs all the equipment, sans Goofy's tent... Goofy runs backwards, videotaping.
Goofy: "Behold the legendary Bigfoot, fabled but seldom..."
Goofy trips over the tent, the camera goes flying, and Max tries to get in the car.
Max: "It's locked!"
Goofy: "Quick! The sunroof!"
They dive through the sunroof. Goofy starts rolling up the window.
Max: "Hurry up!"
Bigfoot nears. Goofy is still rolling up the window.
Max: "Hurry up!!!"
The window closes just as Bigfoot gets there. He rocks the car back and forth for a moment, then goes to investigate all the equipment that was left behind.
Max: "I can't believe it! Bigfoot!"
Goofy: "And I've got the only video!"
Max: "We're gonna be famous!"
Bigfoot finds the camera and pulls out the tape.
Max: "Let's just get out of here."

bigfoot2_mp3.wav (245 Kb)
(Bigfoot noises) Bigfoot finds Goofy's keys and tosses them away. He continues rummaging through the equipment. Later that evening, Goofy and Max are still in their car, and still waiting for Bigfoot to go away.
Max: "Is he gone yet?"
Bigfoot performs a puppet show with socks. He laughs and makes noises, and then goes back, again, to rummaging through all the stuff.
Goofy: "Nope, still here." (Bigfoot continues to laugh)

bigfoot3_mp3.wav (127 Kb)
Bigfoot enjoys listening to "Staying Alive."