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Caddyshack "Caddyshack" (1980)instock
Live Action Film
Gopher (voice)
A send-up of the miniature class struggle at a typical country club. Murray as the gopher-obsessed groundskeeper hits a hole in one. Features the quintessential Chevy Chase performance. ITA winner. Ramis would direct Murray 13 years later in "Groundhog Day."

Caddyshack "Caddyshack 2" (1988)instock
Live Action Film
Gopher (voice)
Comic Jackie Mason stars in this sequel to "Caddyshack," playing a self-made millionaire who goes up against the snobs of an upper-class country club. Although Jack Hartounian has made a fortune as a contractor, he must put up a fight so he and his daughter, Kate, can join the exclusive Bushwood Country Club. More than anything, Kate longs to be accepted by the club's rich members, who include her college roommate, Miffy ...

"Camp Make-A-Wacky" (1994)

Cannonball "Cannonball Run 2" (1983)instock
Live Action Film
Orangutan sounds
More than two dozen of today's most popular stars get involved in a comic cross-country car chase in this sequel to "cannonball run."
Full Credits:
Star: Burt Reynolds, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Susan Anton, Catherine Bach, Telly Savalas, Shirley MacLaine, Charles Nelson Reilly, Dom De Luise

"Capitol Critters" (1992)
Animated Series
Presidential felines

"Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" (1990)
Animated Series

"Captain N: The Game Master" (1989)
Animated Series

Captain N the Game Master - Legend of Zelda
Captain N the Game Master - Gameboy

Captain "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" (1990)
Animated Series
Suchi; Dokey; Pinhead; Leopard; Grizzly; Thylacine Magpie
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Mission to Save Earth (1992)instock
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - The Power is Yours (1990)instock
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Hero for Earth (1990)instock
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Toxic Terror instock
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Deadly Waters instock

"Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys" (1997)
Animated Series
Apax in episode: "Felonious Monks" (# 1.17) 3/1/1997

"Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" (1990)
Animated TV Special
Slimer (Real Ghostbusters); Baby Kermit (Muppet Babies)
TV's most popular cartoon characters, including Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny, Alf, and many others, gather together to educate kids about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. They show what happens to families and prove there's a smarter way to go.

Cartoon Network Promos (1999)
Freddie Jones; Jabberjaw; and more
-promo voices-

Casper "Casper and the Angels" (?)
Animated Series
Casper and the Angels - Stars and Frights (1995)
Casper and the Angels - The Boo Zoo (1995)instock
Casper and the Angels - V. 3
Casper and the Angels - V. 2
Casper and the Angels - V. 1

"Casper's Halloween Special" (1979)
Animated TV Special
Black cat; nice man, dog

"Catch-22" (1971)
Live Action Series
Captain Pace in the pilot episode.

"Cathy's Last Resort" (1988)
Animated TV Special
-additional voices-

"Cats Don't Dance" (1997)instock
Animated Film
Farley Wink; others

"CBS Saturday is the Place" (1984)
TV Special
Frank (as himself)

"Chalk Zone" (1999)
Short (TV)


"The Challenge of the GoBots" (1984)
Animated Series
Scooter; Zeemon; Res-Q; Blaster

"Challenge of the Super Friends"
Animated Series 1978-1979

"Channel Umptee-3" (1997)
Animated Series

"Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" (1989)
Animated Series
Zipper (the fly -- *except in 2 eps done by Corey Burton); Tod; puppy; crows; pilot in episode: "Pie in the Sky"; Ribbit; mouse squeaks; waterbeetle #1; Fly that throws flea out of bar in episode: "Barfly"

"The Chipmunks" (1980)
Animated Series
-additional voices-

"A Chipmunk Christmas" (1981)
Animated "Alvin and the Chipmunks" TV Special
Show announcer (bumpers)
Also: doctor; dogs; cat; elephant; Santa

"The Chipmunk Adventure" (1987)
Animated Film
Sophie; Chief; natives; alligators; snakes; penguins
This is a rock 'n' roll adventure travelogue that takes the boys around the world in a hot air balloon race against the Chipettes, the boys' sprightly girlfriends. While they compete for a prize of $100,000, they unwittingly assist a pair of international diamond smugglers.

"Christmas Comes to Pac-Land" (1982)
Animated TV Special
Chomp Chomp; Morris; Reindeer
Pac-Man helps Santa claus when he crash lands in Pac-Land on Christmas Eve. Thanks to Santa's extra stop, the Pac family enjoys its very first Christmas.

"Cinderella Stories" (1999)
Animated Video
Lucifer; Pom-Pom; flower vender

City "City Slickers" (1991)
Live Action Film
Norman the calf (voice-over)
When a thoroughly urbanized executive is struggling to find meaning in his life, his two best friends find the perfect cure: a fantasy cowboy vacation. The three friends then rope and ride their way down a trail that leads to a better understanding of themselves and each other. Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor--Jack Palance.

City "City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold" (1994)instock
Live Action Film
Bull (title sequence)
The urbane cowboys hit the dusty comedy trail again, this time in a search for their late trail boss' reported stash of gold. Jack Palance is back as his other character's seafaring twin.

"Clerks" (2000)
Animated TV Series
President; horse; man (ep #6)

"Clifford Adventure Game" (2000)

"Clifford the Big, Red Dog" (2000)
Animated Series

"The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley" (1988)
Animated Series

"The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" (1969)instock
Live Action Film
Henry (appearance)
An electrical accident in Medfield College's new computer system shocks dim-but-cuddly undergraduate Dexter Riley into instant genius. The original owner, notorious criminal A.J. Arno, had vital racketeering numbers in the computer, all of which have found their way into Dexter's brain. Not only is Dexter smarter, but he knows all the criminal's secrets.

"Crazylegs Crane" (1978)
Animated Series
Crane Jr; Dragonfly

"The Critic" (199?)
Animated Series

"Cro" (1993)
Animated Series
Gogg; Bobb; Earle


"Darkwing Duck" (1991)
Animated Series
Lilliput in episode: "Getting Antsy"; Morgana's pets: Eek & Squeak (bats) and Archie (spider)
additional episodes:
"Apes of Wrath"; "Beauty and the Beet"; "Comic Book Capers"; "Fungus Amongus"; "Getting Antsy"; "Ghoul of my Dreams"; "Jail Bird"; "Just Us Justice Ducks" (Parts 1 & 2); "Malice's Restaurant"; "My Valentine Ghoul"; "Night of the Living Spud"; "Slime Okay, You're Okay"; "Something Fishy"; "A Star is Scorned"; "Twitching Channels"; "You Sweat Your Life"

"Deck the Halls With Wacky Walls" (1983)
Animated TV Special
Alien astronomer; bouncing baby boo; Darryl's friend, Ken; Darryl's dad, Al

"Deep Blue Sea" (1999)
Feature Film


"Dennis the Menace" (1994)
Animated Series
-additional voices-


"Denver, the Last Dinosaur" (1988)
Animated Series
-additional voices-

"Dexter's Laboratory" (1996)
(aka "Dexter's Lab")
Animated Series
Monkey; Krunk

"Dink, the Little Dinosaur" (1989)
Animated Series
Scar; Crusty (Old sea turtle)

"Dinky Dog" (1978)
Animated Series
Dinky Dog

"Dino-Riders" (1988)
Animated Series
Krulos; Rasp; Glyde

"Dino: Stay Out" (1995)
Animated Short
Dino; Baby Puss

"Dinosaur" (2000)
Disney Animated Feature
Dinosaur sounds

"Dirty Dawg"
Animated Series
Dirty Dawg

"Dirty Little Billy" (1972)
Live Action Film
Young Punk Buffalo Hunter

"The Disney Afternoon" (1990)
Compact Disc
Song: "Boogie Beagle Blues"
Frank Welker as: Big Time Beagle; Baggy Beagle
Chuck McCann as: Burger Beagle; Bouncer Beagle

"Donald's Christmas Nightmare" (2000)
Direct to Video

"The Don Knotts Show" (1970)
Live Action Series
Sketch roles

"Doug's 1st Movie" (1999)
Animated Film
Lucky Duck Monster; Herman Melville

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1994)
Live Action TV Series
Dog (in bar)

"Dr. Seuss - The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat" (1982)instock
Animated TV Special
The Cat in the Hat crosses paths with the Grinch which brings about some beastly mishaps.

"Droopy: Master Detective" (1993)
Animated Series

"Drop Zone" (1994)
Movie Trailer

"DuckTales" (1987)
Animated Series
Big Time Beagle; Baggy Beagle; Bubba Duck
-additional voices-
Tootsie; Captain Foghorn
"All Ducks on Deck"; "Attack of the Fifty Foot Webby"; "Attack of the Metal Mites"; "Beaglemania"; "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"; "The Bride Wore Stripes"; "Bubba's Big Brainstorm"; "Bubbeo and Juliet"; "A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity"; "The Curse of Castle McDuck"; "Dinosaur Ducks"; "Dime Enough for Luck"; "Dough Ray Me"; "Ducks of the West"; "Ducky Mountain High"; "Earth Quack"; "The Golden Goose" (parts 1 & 2); "The Good Muddahs"; "Home Sweet Homer"; "Jungle Duck"; "Launchpad's Civil War"; "Launchpad's First Crash"; "Luck O' the Ducks"; "Magica's Shadow War"; "The Masked Mallard"; "Merit-Time Adventure"; "The Money Vanishes"; "My Mother the Psychic"; "New Gizmo-Kids on the Block";"Nothing to Fear"; "Raiders of the Lost Harp"; "The Right Duck"; "Scrooge's Pet"; "Scroogerello"; "Send in the Clones"; "The Status Seekers"; "The Unbreakable Bin"; "The Uncrashable Hindentanic"; "Yuppy Ducks"
Multi-part episodes:
Series Premiere 5-part (1/5, 3/5) - "Don't Give Up the Ship"; "Three Ducks of the Condor"
Firefly Fruit 4-part (1/4, 3/4, 4/4) - "A Drain on the Economy"; "Aqua Ducks"; "Working for Scales"
Bubba Duck 5-part (1-5/5) * - "Marking Time"; "The Duck Who Would Be King"; "Bubba Trubba"; "Ducks on the Lam"; "Ali Bubba's Cave"
Fenton Crackshell / Gizmoduck 5-part (1-5/5) ** - "Liquid Assets"; "Frozen Assets"; "Full-Metal Duck"; "The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club"; "Money to Burn"
-Bubba Duck 5-part originally aired as "DuckTales: Time is Money" (1988) *
-Gizmoduck 5-part originally aired as "Super DuckTales" (1989) **
-Both episodes were edited to fit the 2-hour time slot.

"DuckTales: Time is Money" (1988)
Animated TV Special
Bubba Duck
(see "Duck Tales" above)

Ducktales "Ducktales - The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp" (1990)instock
Animated Film
Merlock's vocal effects
Scrooge Mc Duck, Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webbigail Vanderquack are in search of the legendary treasure of Collie bBba's ancient pyramid. The ducks make off with the loot which includes a magic lamp complete with wish-granting genie! But Merlock the evil sorcerer is in hot pursuit ready to do battle to gain possession of the lamp.

"The Dukes" (1983)
Animated Series
Frank was Flash; Smokey; General Lee (Dukes' car)
Began 2/5/83. Ended 10/?/83.
Featured the voices of the original, primetime show stars.

Dumb "Dumb and Dumber" (1994)instock
Animated Series
Seattle Sloth; Vinnie Jr.; Guard
When best friends Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne both get fired, Lloyd convinces Harry to travel to Colorado to search for his dream woman, Mary Swanson. Little does Lloyd know that Mary's in Aspen trying to find her kidnapped husband. Soon the two have gotten mixed up in the crime, and their wacky exploits are leading the FBI straight to the crooks.

"Dungeons & Dragons" (1983)
Animated Series
-additional voices-

"Dunston Checks In" (1995)instock
Live Action Film
-special vocal effects-

"Dynomutt, Dog Wonder" (1978)
Animated Series

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