Videos of old WDW attractions are now available on YouTube. First up is the Kitchen Kabaret, a former EPCOT attraction that closed in 1994. It featured Alan Reed as Mr. Hamm and Frank Welker as Mr. Eggz:


Mr. Hamm & Mr. Eggz perform a vaudeville-style comic rendition of The Meat Group Can Help You Keep Strong, in which Hamm & Eggz tell jokes and sing a few short ditties. At the end, Mr. Hamm gets angry because Mr. Eggz is telling corny jokes. He decides to split up the act to join another protein group.

Fun Fact: Mr. Eggz was the only electonic personage to appear in more than one attraction -- simultaneously! He was a part of EPCOT Computer Central's Astuter Computer Revue in Communicore. In that production he didn't speak but did provide a brief demonstration of how WDW's computers controlled all the audio-animatronic figures, park guests and the Florida Legislature.

Mr. Hamm & Mr. Eggz now reside in the giant Easter basket used in the Easter Parade. They are brightly painted, placed face down and inwards. The parade-going masses might miss them, but they are there!

Conceptual artwork of the Country Bear Jamboree critters on the wall by the late, great Marc Davis.

Next is the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown, the 1986 update to the Country Bear Jamboree. Frank is Melvin (the moose head on the wall), and the tap-dancing skunk Randy (who doesn't appear until the end of the show). He also did some background animal noises which can be heard at certain points, such as bear growls and grunts and a buzzing bee:


The Vacation Hoedown played at Disney World until 1992 when they reverted back to the original Country Bear show (which doesn't have Frank in it). Disneyland kept the Vacation show until 2001 when they shut down their Country Bear attraction completely.

Next is The Country Bears Christmas, which debuted in 1984. Its less apparent that Frank is Melvin here than it is in the Vacation show, but I'm guessing that it is Frank because both the Christmas and Vacation shows have the same voice cast. Whether he's Melvin or not, he does the same background grunting and growling, so he's in it anyway:


The Country Bear Christmas still runs every holiday season at Disney World. However, it didn't run last year because Disney ran into copyright issues with some of the songs.

Here's a bonus for you Country Bear fans: A rare WDW exclusive clip of Frank as Melvin that they stopped playing in 1992. When you would exit Country Bears at Walt Disney World, you were lead out into The Mile Long Bar. They had Melvin and the other animal heads here, as well. This audioclip is from part of the skit they did during the years the Vacation show played:

Bonus Audio: MileLongBar-Melvin,BuffMax(live1989).mp3 (492 Kb)

Many thanks to J.E. for the audio file and help with Mr. Eggz and Country Bears!

Frank's also in the American Adventure attraction as one of the soldiers in the Valley Forge scene, at about 06:15 in this video file:


Many thanks to Kristy at VoiceChasers for her help with American Adventure!

"I visited WDW in 1989 and found the Living Seas Pavillion to be fascinating, the kind of place you can spend hours in and have no shortage of things to keep your attention. Back then, Frank was all over TV and radio and we used to play a game where whenever we heard his voice, we would say "Hi, Frank!" out loud, no matter how many strangers were around or what odd looks we got. I found myself playing that game in The Living Seas. My memory is sketchy, but I know for sure he was the voice of one of the fish in a cute animation playing in a loop on a TV screen. It was a kid fish talking to his Grandpa, but I can't recall which one he was. I also heard him doing a voice-over of some kind, not connected to any display but more like an announcer on an intercom/loudspeaker. Again, my memory is mighty fuzzy." -Nora Salisbury

Many thanks to Nora for her help with The Living Seas!

The Living Seas had an animated film called "Suited for the Sea," in which two fish explained the history of the diving suit. This is most likely what Nora remembers!!!

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